Monday, February 4, 2013

Market Profile 3-I day

3I in normal term is extension of IB range either on the up or down three times the IB range value. 3I day is based on initiating activity of either the seller or buyer to push the price in their favor.

Here is the Market Profile chart of Nifty for the 04th February 2013 for our reference.

IB range: 6063-6039, 24 points

3I day extension on Lower side: 6063 – 24 x 3 = 5991, the low made was 5990.30

The sellers initiating activity saw Nifty going below the IB range and closing around the lows of the day. Normally after a 3I day, the next day IB becomes very important, with the IB low becomes the Stop Loss for longs taken above IB high or VAL


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